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First Capital Trust Deeds Blog

Current updates on the real estate market, private money, hard money, and trust deed investing.

Fix & Flip Loans (3)

5 min read

Fix-and-Flip Financing: What is Gap Funding?

If you’re a house flipper already approved for a hard money first mortgage, but need a second mortgage to cover down payment and closing costs,...

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6 min read

Do You Offer a Hard Money Second Mortgage to Cover Down Payment and Closing Costs?

This question has come in through the website dozens of times over the years from prospective house-flippers who are short on funds to close their...

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Hard Money Fix & Flip Financing Pricing Guide

4 min read

Hard Money Fix and Flip Financing Pricing Guide

Are you a real estate investor or house flipper looking for better hard money fix and flip financing pricing on your next acquisition? Or, are you...

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