Private Money Financing for

Second & Third Mortgages

Mortgage Loans

Our hard money second mortgages are easy to qualify for and can be a great alternative to bank financing for active real estate investors who need funds quickly.

Fixed Term Second Mortgage: Business Purpose
  • Owner occupied & non-owner occupied
  • 1, 3, or 5-year terms
  • Interest-only
  • For business or investment only
  • Close in 3–7 business days
  • Residential and commercial properties
Revolving Line Of Credit
  • Owner occupied business purpose
  • Non-owner occupied business purpose
  • Residential and commercial properties
  • 12, 24, and 36-month terms
  • Pay interest only on funds used
  • Closing in 10–14 days versus bank credit lines (30–60 days)

Disclaimer: Information, rates, and pricing are subject to change without prior notice. All loans subject to borrowers and underlying collateral meeting First Capital Trust Deeds’ and/or assigns then-current underwriting criteria. Other restrictions apply. 

NOTE: If you are looking for a hard money 2nd mortgage to cover your down payment and/or closing costs (AKA 100% financing), we can cannot help you. We are capped at 70% Combined Loan-To-Value. 

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