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Everything You Want in Hard Money Financing

First Capital Trust Deeds has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you navigate the hard money loan process.

We are able to close on approved loan requests in as little as 10 business days on most transactions.

Stop Losing Time & Money Trying to Secure Financing

As a profitable real estate investor, you need trustworthy and straightforward access to financing when your cash is tied up in your investments. The problem is that it’s difficult for an active real estate investor to secure financing when conventional banks lend based on credit scores and proof of income instead of assets. At First Capital Trust Deeds, we believe you shouldn’t lose money or miss key opportunities while you’re growing your real estate investment portfolio.


First Capital Trust Deeds is Different

With over 100 years of combined experience, we believe you deserve a financing partner who understands real estate and property investment and gets what you do. Since 2013, FCTD has originated over $2 billion of loans with real estate investors of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Fast Financing for Your Next Investment
Just tell us about your financing needs, complete our straight forward application, and then get the funding you need to sustain and grow your real estate investments.
Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio
Whether it's your first rental property or your tenth, we can help you choose the right loan strategy for your investment style.
High Leverage & Competitive Pricing
Maximize your profitability by using high leverage loans with competitive pricing. With our pool of trust deed investors, we can match you with the perfect private lending solution.

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Funding When You Need It

We Are Definitely Working Together Again

I can’t thank this amazing team enough. I’m impressed and after 20+ years in this industry that doesn’t happen too often. We are definitely working together again.

California Realtor

They Take It One Step Further to Help You Succeed

My insurance agent referred me to Ted in 2013 and we've done over 50 loans since on my flips and rental properties. We've become friends and I know he's looking out for my best interests like a partnership. 


Lending Geography

With a focus on the West Coast, licensed in  California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Florida, First Capital Trust Deeds lends to borrowers throughout the United States.

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