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Bend, Oregon

Office Location

At our Bend office, located at 1777 SW Chandler Ave., Suite 246, Bend, OR 97702, we’re committed to serving the real estate investment needs of our clients. First Capital Trust Deeds (FCTD) specializes in hard money and private money lending for real estate and trust deed investors, providing mortgages that help grow their portfolios and maximize their returns. With our emphasis on personalized service, streamlined processes, and extensive industry experience, we aim to make your investment journey straightforward and hassle-free.

About Us

At First Capital Trust Deeds, we understand the unique needs of both lenders and borrowers in the real estate market. Our goal is to simplify the lending process by streamlining paperwork and offering individualized attention from our principals. Whether you’re interested in becoming a trust deed investor, funding your current project, or acquiring your next property, we’re here to help you put your money to work. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rely on us to provide the insight and guidance you need to achieve your investment goals.

Loan Programs for Borrowers

We offer a diverse range of loan programs custom-built to meet the needs of real estate investors, including:

Trust Deed Investing for Lenders

Trust deed investments provide an opportunity for investors to preserve their principal while enjoying steady returns ranging from 9.00% to 13.00%. FCTD’s goal is to provide individual trust deed investors funding opportunities with lower-leverage bridge loans that safeguard investor capital. Our meticulous underwriting process includes background and credit checks, title reports, appraisals, liquidity assessment, previous payment history, and exit strategy analysis. With our experience and commitment to sound lending, we’ll match you with the trust deed investments that align with your objectives.

Since 2013, First Capital Trust Deeds has successfully closed over $2.5 billion in private money loans. We‘ve built valuable partnerships with trust deed investors, mortgage funds and family offices. Our ongoing commitment is to create the best private lending platform for both borrowers and investors, with investments that meet your criteria and offer attractive returns.

Property Types We Finance

First Capital Trust Deeds has originated loans on a range of property types for our real estate investor clients, including:

Loan Scenarios

We work closely with investors to secure financing for various loan scenarios. We have expertise in:


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Reach out to us today to explore how First Capital Trust Deeds can help you achieve your real estate and trust deed investing goals.

You can visit our Bend office at 1777 SW Chandler Ave., Suite 246, Bend, OR 97702.

Or, call Ted Spradlin at (503) 891-4205 or email


FCTD specializes in short-term & long-term financing for real estate investors. Ready to get started?


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