Where Can I Get An Agricultural Hard Money Loan?

First Capital Trust Deeds originates agricultural hard money loans for ranchers, farmers, vintners, and cannabis growers throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.

FCTD works with a few private money lenders and trust deed investors with expertise in agricultural lending. These lenders and fund managers are very well-versed in the needs of agricultural business’s need for real estate financing.

When looking for a hard money loan, know that the lender will want to do the loan on only the real estate, and not the business equipment or personal property, like greenhouses, which can be moved to a different location.

Many agricultural borrowers over the years, especially cannabis startups, have requested financing for equipment, first year operating expenses, and other non-real property uses.  Startup capital and business equipment are not what FCTD and the trust deed investors that fund agricultural loans will finance.

Our focus is real estate loans.

In cases where there is additional real estate with equity that can be used as collateral for the hard money loan, we have done a blanket loan, or multi-property loan, for borrowers who needed additional operating capital for their business. FCTD can work with borrowers and lenders to get creative in a way that makes sense for both parties.

If you’re looking for an agricultural hard money loan, please contact us to discuss.